If you’ve been on my blog or have visited my YouTube channel in the past, you may have seen or heard about my coaching program or The Underground Secrets. My coaching program I don’t accept every person simply because it is only for a specific type of client. But for my program, The Underground Secrets, anyone can take advantage and watch the free webinar where I release breakthrough information regarding digital marketing.

If that is the case, you may have searched online for video reviews on the program so I figured I would list them on this page of my website to ensure they are all in one uniformed location. Here are reviews for my program:

Jason Speaks Out On The Underground 

Here is what Jason had to say about the program

“What’s up? My name’s Jason Craver and I’m the owner of Telegenic Marketing based in Arizona. I just want to give my honest feedback today about Ruan’s Consulting because I hopped on a call with him for an hour yesterday and we were able to go through five of our clients and actually get some valuable information from each client and able to set up some strategies to apply for the next three months to guarantee us success.

I met Ruan in a marketing academy in January of this year. Ever since, he caught my eye in all the information that he’s putting out because a lot of people are pushing Facebook and Instagram. However, SEO has always been there and it’s still relevant today and it actually is more relevant than, I would say, a lot of the other marketing methods. I would recommend Ruan’s Consulting to anybody out there who’s struggling to maybe set up a strategy or to literally just go on and be able to ask an expert questions that you’re going to get specific answers to.

I know a bunch of people out there, there’s so much free information out there online, however all that free information is contradicting and especially in the SEO world. I go to all these different sites, and one site says this thing, the next site literally say don’t do the exact thing that this site did. This call just was very clarifying to me on some of the strategies in SEO and actually he pointed out one of the biggest, just not necessarily what we were doing wrong but what we can change on one of our websites to rank over some of the major players, hopefully, in the next couple weeks.

Once again, I recommend if anybody’s struggling to set up strategies, to just take that next step in SEO or if you’ve got a client use some of that retainer for that first month to guarantee you some success. Hop on a call with Ruan, he is an expert, he’s a great guy … Great guy. Hop on a call with him and he’ll be sure to help you out. Thank you.”

Jared Speaks Out On The Underground Secrets …

Here is what Jared had to say about The Underground Secrets …

“Hey, everyone. My name is Jared . I’m a digital media agency owner. I’ve worked with over a dozen clients to help bring them more leads, more traffic, and more revenue and I can seriously accredit Ruan Marinho with the recent transformation of my agency. This guy is a total mastermind when it comes to SEO and content marketing. I’ve been ripping through his course. It is simple. It’s through. It’s step by step, very easy to understand and I actually jumped on a call with Ruan the other day and only, about 20 minutes, it was a very brief conversation. He was still able to really help me and get me going on what I needed to focus on, so definitely, if you’re looking to bring in more clients, if you’re looking to better serve your clients and get some serious results for them, ”

Kevin Speaks Out On The Underground Secrets …

Here is what Kevin had to say about The Underground Secrets …

What’s up, guys. I’m just making this short video for Ruan to talk about his course and how if you follow the steps in the course, you are going to succeed as long as you put in the time. And I wanna talk about what I did and the success that I’ve seen so far where I am right now because I just started to see a little bit of success and I’m gonna be upfront at the beginning of this video and let you know I really didn’t put in much time. I was just putting in like maybe a couple hours a day for a couple weeks and then even days at a time would go by and I would do nothing. So what I did was I created a website for a tree removal service and I have no experience doing this. I actually was doing solar installations for the past couple years and I got fired so I’ve been friends with Ruan for a long time and I saw what he was doing and it just makes a lot of sense.

So I decided to give it a shot. I made this website for tree removal service. No idea anything about it. I don’t even know one person that does it actually but I was doing some keyword research and said, “Hey, I can rank for this keyword. Once I get traffic and one I get phone calls I’ll meet somebody that does tree work and then make a deal with them and sell the leads.” So all I really did was the on-page optimization. I still don’t have a single backlink on the website. That’s gonna change soon but all the on-page optimization, I made service pages, location pages and I did Google my business and the only off page shit that I did was just getting on a few directories and adding my business to Yelp, Bing, Google and stuff like that and some social media stuff. But I didn’t do any social shares or anything like that yet.

And Monday, I got three phone calls and last week I got a few phone calls but I didn’t know anyone in tree removal yet so then I was telling someone about that and then he said, “Hey, I know a tree guy.” So he gave me his phone number, I gave him a call, told him about everything that I was doing and everything that was happening so far and he said, “Yeah, these leads are just coming in. I’d love to make a deal with you and figure out a way that I can take those leads and make it good for both of us.” So, I mean, luckily, when I talked to that guy he just turned out to be a great guy and I just met him by chance. But if I didn’t I would have just did a little bit of research and called around a little bit longer.

Yeah, so, on Monday I got three phone calls and I scheduled estimates for the very next day, which was yesterday. And then what I did was I went to the estimates with this tree guy and he sold the first job and then the second job was 50/50 and we’re waiting on a callback. But then I get home from those two estimates, get a phone call for another estimate that I set up for the same day. We go to that estimate, it turns out to be a job that could be anywhere between $2500 and $3500, which were in the process of selling right now. I actually did a little bit of work because it was an emergency situation where one of the leads had fell down from the tree into the driveway and they were actually incredibly lucky that it didn’t hit the driveway at all or the house, especially because it fell right next to the house and could have gone right into it and destroyed it.

But luckily for them, it didn’t. It was dangling from the tree, it was hanging on by a thread. So when we were negotiating a $3000 job, we said, “Hey, let’s get this out of the way for them because it would just fall down and become a problem, tonight.” So I was swinging on the end of it to try to break it loose and drop it without damaging the driveway and when it finally broke off the end of the lead swung up towards my face and it was coming directly for my face and I hesitated for a split second but then I was able to dodge it and it was right here in my face swinging at a million miles per hour with a hundred something pounds on the end of it. And it almost removed my head, which would have been annoying because I was trying to remove the tree then the tree almost removed me.

So try not to let things like that happen. Basically the bottom line is if you create a website for a niche that you have no idea about and then you are able to rank and then you get these phone calls coming in and you start picking up the phone and you try to schedule anything regarding that, and then you might find yourself doing the work all of a sudden because you say, “Hey, why not? I can do it.” Just make sure you know what you’re doing. And be careful if you’re doing something like this because a tree branch might take your head off. I didn’t know that it was possible but it almost happened. So before I start rambling, let me just wrap up this video and tell you the point of it is, is that with not much work or effort I was able to do what I just explained and create income for myself using Ruan’s course.

Again, not putting much effort in. So the point is, imagine what you can do if you do put in a lot of effort. I mean, you can definitely turn this into a career and if you are working 40 hours a week on this and giving it your full attention there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to turn this into a six-figure income very, very quickly. So that’s the point I was trying to make and yeah, it’s been fun and the course is really interesting and it’s just cool just to see my phone start ringing all week long and watching it actually come to fruition. So, yeah.

Rey Recommends The Program 

Here is what Rey had to say about the program

Hey, how ya doing? This is Ray Albert here. I just gotta tell you, I love this guy Ruan Marinho. He’s such a great guy. When I first saw him on the internet I thought he was full of crap. But he quit his job working for the cable company making 75 grand a year and I thought he was kind of stupid. But I thought in my mind, he’s young, so he knows what the heck he’s doing, I guess.

But anyway, I was listening to him for about two or three months. And then I found out he had a course. Because I was thinking, you know, he should make a course because he’s giving out all this information on youtube and people should hear about this. So, he did. He made a course. I was really surprised. It was like in February of this year.

And I joined his course and I started learning about SEO and I decided I wanted to try and make a site and see if I could build it. Well, you know what? I built something that was too big for me. Believe it or not. Within three or four weeks, I had a site that was in the top of the three pack at Google and I’m getting calls all the time, anybody want to rent site?

I’m only kidding. But everything aside, Ruan, I like Ruan in fact … and since then, me and him have become good friends. And we talk a lot on the phone and that and we’re partners in a website. And we have just closed … he helped me close this deal right here, $500 for the first month, he helped me close this deal.

So for $500 what I’m gonna do for this guy is we gotta website and in fact, Ruan go the domain for the website. He built the website himself. And he asked me if I wanted to take it over and I said, sure. And so this is what happened. And we met the guy today and he gave me a check for 500 bucks. And what I’m gonna do for the guy is we got a phone service that we’re gonna hook his number up to and as the calls come in, he’s gonna get the calls. And what I’m gonna do with this $500 is I’m gonna build up this website. I’m gonna put content on it, I’m gonna put directories, I’m gonna do everything it takes to build this website up so this guy gets at least one call a day.

I know he can’t handle more than maybe 10, but, you know, we gave him the option. He can do what he wants with the rest of the leads. But this is what can happen guys. Take the course, talk to Ruan. In fact, Ruan, every week or so, he has people call in and ask questions. And he does this for free. And most entrepreneurs, they will charge you anywhere from 200 to a thousand dollars to talk to them for half an hour to an hour.

So, you know, check it out, okay? Hey, this is Ray Albert, I’m very happy, we’ll talk to you later.

Jon Saw Success In The Program

Here is what John had to say about The Underground SEO course …

Hey guys, my name is Jonathon Henderson, and I’ve been in Ruan’s mentorship course for about one month now, and I’ve already gotten two leads in just one month from SEO clients. And the thing is thought about it, the thing that I love most about Ruan’s mentorship is that he’s going through the journey with you as well, and he has absolutely nothing to hide from you at all.

And to his students, he’s very accessible. With previous, or with marketers today in general that teach social media marketing, that teaches SEO, whatever it may be, sometimes they don’t show the results, and they’re not being genuine with what they’re doing. And they might be withholding information from you that you may not be able to maximize your potential because they’re not giving you everything that they do, or they’re just, they’re not genuine at all and they’re not getting results, but they’re teaching it anyway.

And that’s not the case with Ruan. We obviously know through his YouTube channel that he has a depth and knowledge about SEO, and that, you know, we’ve all benefited from it. The thing that I love most about his course, too, as well is that his course you can take actionable step-by-step things because I’ve taken courses in the past, and I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing to have too much content in a course. But sometimes there’s so much content that you just get paralysis by analysis, and you don’t know where to start and you just don’t end up taking action.

Then you also have some courses where they give you too, too, like too little information, and if you take action with the information that they give you, you will get no results at all.

But that’s not the case with Ruan’s course. Like I said, the thing that I love most about the course is that he doesn’t hide anything at all; he’s literally giving you the blueprint of what he does to get SEO clients. And has set out these step-by-step things that you don’t feel as insurmountable. You feel like you can take action on what he’s teaching in that course, step-by-step, at any moment.

And that’s the thing that I loved most. And as well, you get access to his other students, too. And you guys are going on the journey as well with each other, so you don’t feel like, you don’t feel like you’re going through this whole thing along. I mean, I have many other numbers. We’re all in a group chat as well, and we ping ideas off of everything. It’s just, it’s a great community to be in.

I mean, it’s great to have it outside of the Facebook group because the Facebook group provides a lot of value as well, but it’s also good to just be able to have somebody on call as well that’s one of the students that’s going through the mentorship with him as well.

And so that’s what I have to say. If I were you, I would buy Ruan’s mentorship course. I mean, I’ve gotten 10X the value that I thought that I would have from that course. And I already knew from like his YouTube. I was like, “How much better can this guy get?” And he’s just exceeded all expectations.

So, you know what? If you wanna buy the course from Ruan, go ahead and do it like right now. And just … you know what, just go ahead and take action.