There is a concept called the blue ocean, red ocean. The concept basically states that if your business model is built in the red ocean, you will not survive. But if it is built in the blue ocean, you will succeed. Well what’s the difference between the blue ocean and red ocean?

The blue ocean there is no blood and is very less competitive. The red ocean there is a lot of blood and a ton of competition Innovation occurs in the blue ocean because it is easier to capture market share.

From a marketing standpoint, a blue ocean is organic marketing while the red ocean is paid to advertise. Everyone is focused on paying for marketing. While there is a direct value of doing so, your growth cannot rely on paid advertising. What you can rely on is evergreen content for your business.

If you create content you will get organic reach if you follow the right steps to making your content appealing and evergreen so you don’t have to rely on paid marketing. Check out the blue ocean red ocean concept here:…



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