If you haven’t been under a rock lately you may have noticed that people are using the internet more than they’re drinking water in 2018. With that being said it is only natural that you would want to use the internet to drive more traffic to your website or social media using the latest and greatest tactics online.

The problem is, you don’t have enough time to implement the marketing on to your own business. So what do you do? You start by searching for marketing agencies that will help you grow your business and traffic online. They have told you that “they have worked with people like you before”, or that they “have gotten great results in your type of business”, but in this post, I’m going to cover what they don’t tell you.

Understanding What A Marketing Agency Is

There is a major difference between a marketing agency and a freelancer that provides services. Generally speaking, a marketing agency is like a buffet while a freelancer is like a specialty dish that you can only order at select restaurants.

The food at the buffet comes in variety but you generally risk quality. But with the freelancer, there is no variety and there is only quality. The agency works with hundreds if not thousands of customers while the freelancer may only have a few customers. Regardless they can both provide a service but which one should you hire to perform your marketing services?

In my experience of not only being a freelancer but also running a 20+ client agency, I have seen the pros and cons of both. I have spent thousands of dollars on both for myself and my clients. But what exactly makes a digital marketing agency different than hiring just a freelancer?

The core difference is that a digital marketing agency is just a customer service center that manages freelancers while a freelancer is physically doing the work for the client. Marketing agencies have a system in place to get new customers and service them while freelancers have a system of actually doing the work.

So which one would you rather pay for? A company that is outsourcing the work and being the middleman or the freelancer that is actually doing the work?

Tapping Into The Freelancers Thought Process

Freelancers are their own entities per se, they enjoy their freedom, and a generally working with several clients at a time. Freelancers are also usually not as responsive as an agency because they are living on their own terms. It’s important to note that a freelancer became a freelancer to enjoy life’s freedom and not be tied down to a client if they don’t have to. Here are some of the pros of working with a freelancer rather than working with a digital marketing agency:

  • working with a few clients at a time
  • highly skilled in one expertise
  • much less expensive than hiring an agency

I think these pros are definitely a reason to work with freelancers. Not only do you save money as you don’t have to run a whole campaign with a marketing agency, but you also get the expertise of the freelancer on your work as you never know what a digital marketing agency is going to hire to do your work. With pros, there are cons to hiring a freelancer and you can see them down below:

  • much less responsive than an agency
  • not interested in your goals but rather see you as a task
  • freelancers don’t attempt to build the relationship

Keep in mind this is just my experience with freelancers in the past and it can vary depending on the task that you’re looking to accomplish. In any case scenario, you can ensure you don’t run into these cons by ensuring you find the right freelancer to do your work.

How To Find A Freelancer For Your Business 

There are many websites that are out there where you can hire a freelancer based on a search. Websites like up work allow you to make a search and create a task that needs to be done. For example, if you need a website designed you can use up work to create a project open for freelancers to do. Once someone picks up your project they will begin immediately after ending you a custom offer. Fiverr is the same way but is more of a productized marketplace where sellers have a lot to offer.

Either way, you can use both to find quality freelancers for your business but it is important to note that you should test many freelancers before sticking to one as you want to find the ones with the best. You can do this by giving the same project to multiple freelancers and testing to see which ones have done the best and offer them a longer-term contract.

How To Find The Right Digital Agency 

As I said before I wouldn’t hire an agency unless I had to do a complete digital marketing campaign, but if you’re going to hire an agency make sure it is an agency that has done work in your industry. For example, if you’re a lawyer with a good sized search engine optimization budget, you should reach out to a company such as scorpion.

Working with a company that has done business in your vertical is going to play to your benefit because, throughout your campaign, you’re not going to experience the onboarding/growing pains of a digital marketing agency such as:

  • Not understanding how to write about your business
  • Little understanding of what you actually do and how you handle sales
  • Not being able to communicate under your brand

You want the process to be seamless when working with a digital marketing agency so it’s important to ensure you don’t waste time or money with someone who hasn’t worked in your vertical. There is generally a ton of digital marketing companies that promise the world and underdeliver ours there in the marketplace. Ask for references within your vertical to ensure you’re not missing out on anything. If you’re hiring the company for search engine optimization services, ensure that the company can demonstrate ranking examples within your vertical. Ranking websites are always different in specific verticals so ensure that they have experience in your vertical.

How You Should Proceed… 

If you’re thinking about engaging in a digital marketing campaign, I always recommend to educate yourself before picking a freelancer or an agency. Educating yourself on the topic of digital marketing will allow you to be able to vet out your execution option. You can’t measure the skill set of a freelancer if you don’t know much about the topic yourself. You should also consider the fact that you may be ripped off by a digital marketing agency if you don’t understand exactly what they are pitching you?

Your best bet is to stay educated, and that is why I invite you to watch our free webinar on getting highly controlled free traffic to any website or offer using search engine optimization. In the webinar, I share three secrets that I used to create a bank of traffic that I can rely on each and every month. I look forward to seeing you on the webinar and until next time. You can also view more about my website by clicking here.